Diversity training that celebrates the value of every individual

Our Approach Builds Stronger Teams

Getting to All Lives Matter acknowledges that team-building requires more acceptance, tolerance and respect. We believe that can’t be achieved with more racism. We believe you do not fight discrimination with more discrimination. Our approach aims at validating the ideas and gifts of every member of the team, not pre-judging employees based on skin color, political affiliation, religion or other criteria. Getting to All Lives Matter helps encourage stronger relationships by creating a more analytical culture within groups to ensure a more effective, solutions-oriented approach to conflict.

Training Based on “Critical Race Theory” is Risky

Demonizing groups of people based on skin color or political ideology is inherently divisive. Researchers have analyzed nearly 1,000 of these “Implicit Bias” programs and found no proof that they actually work as advertised. Further, trainings that are based on Critical Race Theory (CRT) may leave organizations open to legal consequences.

While this is still unsettled, the content of many of these popular training programs may be violative of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. After all, saying all white people are racist and need to be retrained or reeducated is the essence of racism. CRT or “implicit bias” trainings are not diversity training programs. They can lead to greater segmentation within your workforce not cohesion.

The Getting to All Lives Matter approach is the exact opposite. It is based on the uplifting proposition that everyone on the team has value and that the vast majority have good intentions.


About the Program

The program “Getting to All Lives Matter” is divided into six interactive, thought-provoking sessions, each roughly 45-min to 1 hour in duration. Each module includes trainer presentation, group discussion and break-out activity. The program is scalable and can be adjusted based on your organizations needs and time constraints.
1. The All Lives Matter Approach Means Stronger Teams

You are not the problem. Your team members likely aren’t racists. The accusation of “systemic racism” is divisive and unfair. It ignores our common history as Americans and disparages past and ongoing attempts at alleviating racial inequalities.

A race-based approach to addressing diversity threatens to undermine civil rights protections guaranteed by the Constitution. Citing relevant studies and best practices, this module explores the relationship between the actual state of race relations and the “blame” tactics use in response.

Group scenarios focus on how to validate opposing viewpoints on race and avoid unnecessary confrontations.

2. Don’t Take the Bait to Hate

Being a good team member means being responsible with information. It means analyzing arguments and situations based on facts not emotion.

In this session, we explore how the press and social media inflame often racial division and how all of us need to protect ourselves from misinformation. Trainees will see examples of misinformation that seeks to divide people and learn how best to consume data to have a productive discussion.

We all can play a role in toning down the conversation to make it more productive for everyone. Group scenarios here will focus on responsible analysis and discussion of hot-button news topics as well as appropriate use of social media.

3. How We Get Race Wrong

More facts and less inflammation are necessary to build a stronger team environment.

In this module we examine the array of ideological agendas of those driving the race conversation in America. We discuss concepts that can lead to confusion, division and unfair characterizations. Participants will also examine historical perspectives on race relations and work together to define real racism.

Group scenarios in this section focus on validating each other’s opinions with respect to racial framing while respectfully broadening conversations to make them more productive.

4. Fact-based Talk on Equality and Opportunity

In short — it’s complicated. Too often our social and workplace conversations about racial inequality and politics are oversimplified and therefore overheated.

In this module we examine what’s really responsible for inequality in America. Participants will work through a myths-versus-reality exercise and discuss their implications. This module is designed to help us understand why certain social challenges persist and how we can constructively work toward solutions without unfairly assigning blame to one group or another.

Group scenarios will address how to have a more fact-based conversation about hot button issues in a respectful way.

5. Evaluating Progress and Solutions Together

Talking together about solutions often uncovers surprising cohesion. In this session, we’ll have a discussion about public policy efforts that have intended to reduce inequality. We ask critical questions – What worked? What didn’t? Were failures indicative of racial malice or unintended consequences?

Participants in this module will be asked to examine government policies in light of today’s race rhetoric and decide for themselves what solutions make sense to them. We will emphasize empowerment over victimhood in several evidence-based solutions to poverty and crime.

Overall, we work to show how best to start and advance conversations about complex issues, without devolving into camps or assuming racism as a driver of intent. Scenarios in this module further help develop a learning and analytical culture within your workforce.

6. Focused Minds and Open Hearts

Coming together means success.

This session explores real-world workplace scenarios that go beyond race to help create a more tolerant team environment that encourages people to be themselves. Inciting resentment and fear leads to dysfunctional teams.

We stress that Getting to All Lives Matter is a process and it is only possible with true compassion, understanding, and evidence-based adjustments to the way we treat each other.

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Getting to All Lives Matter?

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Meet the Trainers

Aubrey Shines

Bishop Aubrey Shines, a Chicago native, began ministering in the Cook County Correctional System in Chicago, IL as an evangelical minister licensed by the reformation of the Church of God in Christ. He has earned a degree in Computer Science, a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, and a Master’s Degree in Divinity.

In 1987, God moved greatly upon Pastor Shines’ heart and he became founder of G2G Ministries, Inc. The ministry has since transcended denominational, cultural, and ethnic boundaries.

In 2002, he began teaching a basic theology course to train leaders in the Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida area. The curriculum focused on the Patristic Period and the impact that the First through Fifth Century Fathers of the Church had on our global society. As a result of the consistent weekly Bible teachings, the attendance to these classes grew steadily in number and eventually Shines became their Senior Pastor.

Pastor Shines travels extensively, sounding the alarm across America; never divorcing his biblical ministry from cultural or political issues. He compels the church to return to what our forefathers established and to live by what God has ordained in His Word, without compromise, addressing the most pressing issues of our day, primarily those relating to righteousness.

Throughout the country, Bishop Shines has been featured on various, national syndicated television stations, including Fox News (The Ingraham Angle w/ Laura Ingraham), NBC, and Sinclair Broadcast network, along with several hundred radio broadcasts, leading newspapers, and magazines, as a leading prophetic voice. Additionally, this call upon his life has positioned him to minister prophetic insight into the lives of key spiritual leaders, top athletes, entertainers, and governmental officials. Bishop Shines’ most recent accomplishments include.

In 2020, Shines founded Conservative Clergy of Color in order to confront the destructive message of the neo marxist group, Black Lives Matter. Through this work, wrote the book, Eight Questions About Race which sheds light on the difficult questions raised by the racial protests in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd, proposing a Christian response to the agenda and claims of Black Lives Matter.


Derek McCoy

Reverend Derek McCoy is a transformational executive leader and organizational consultant with years of experience in business and non-profit sectors. As a media commentator, urban-renewal activist, and leader of coalition efforts, he leads efforts to advance and encourage connections, solutions, and partnerships.

Derek is currently leading efforts to launch the Urban Leadership Alliance, which provides a platform for leaders to be educated and create solutions in their respective communities and cultures. He has been instrumental in conducting educational summits with pastors, community leaders, and citizens.

Most recently, McCoy has served as the Executive Vice President for The Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), which works to fight poverty and restore dignity through the message of faith, freedom, and personal responsibility. McCoy has an extensive background in policy, political strategy, and advocacy on vital cultural issues, including race, poverty, life, marriage, and religion.

Rev. McCoy has served as the President of the Maryland Family Alliance, SVP for the High Impact Leadership Coalition, Coalitions Director, and Outreach Director on crucial initiatives and issue campaigns. He has been a consistent voice of championing issues of justice and righteousness in our nation.

Rev. McCoy serves on the board of Directors for the Pregnancy Clinic in Annapolis, Heartbeat International, and Summit Ministries.

He has been featured on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, NPR, FOX Business, EWTN, Gospel Today, and Family News in Focus, WYPR, KKLA, WAVA, EWTN, KQED, and KJLH, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, New American Media, LA Sentinel, and The Washington Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Rev. McCoy served our great nation in the United States Army In Reserve. He has also held management positions and has received regional and national awards from Fortune 500 companies.

He has been married for 28 years to his wife, Cathy, and they have three incredible children.


M.J. Reid

Born in Detroit, Michigan, to John Richard Reid and Mary Stone Reid, he grew up as the youngest in a lower middle-class family of 10. Marlin Jevon Reid (M.J.) received his primary education in the Detroit public school system. Upon high school graduation, he furthered his education in seminary and graduated from Rhema Bible College in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Embarking into full time ministry, he served at various churches and ministries as a supportive minister and an under shepherd. As his prowess as a dynamic speaker grew, the demand for his voice to be heard in a wider range became more and more evident.

He stepped out and launched his itinerant ministry.

For over 30 years, M.J. has traveled extensively nationally and internationally.

He has conducted religious meetings in various wide venues ranging from churches, open air crusades in foreign nations, prisons, college campuses, youth camps, etc. He eventually went on to being viewed and heard by millions of people across the world by hosting live Christian TV shows, making many television appearances and radio interviews.

After having a successful traveling ministry for 16 yrs, M.J. launched a church in spring of 2007. Since then, the church has grown into a multi-cultural membership of 300 people, allowing him to serve his flock in a 12,000 square foot facility in Livonia, Michigan.

Pastor M.J. Reid is well respected and known by his peers to be a thought leader, lecturer, teacher, minister, raconteur, and revivalist among his peers.

He is considered to be a capable voice and is often called upon for conservative thought and philosophy in the Ecclesiastical and political theaters of today’s society.


Francisco Vega

Pastor Francisco Vega is a native New Yorker and an itinerate speaker for STMI international and founder of A.R.C. (Awakening & Reformation Center). He itinerates extensively in the U.S. and overseas, as well as having successfully pioneered various ministerial and youth community initiatives in rural and inner-city areas.

He is an avid cultural commentator and supporter of Christian social activism. Whether radio, TV, or social media platforms, he expresses critical apologetic solutions regarding ethnic or socio-political issues of our day.

He was a key contributor, as clergy of color, for ADF Supreme Court Masterpiece correspondence which went viral in the nation. He resides in Atlanta, GA.